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Whether you are a newcomer set on creating a blog and looking for its theme, or you have many blog posts under your belt, the writing block is equally frustrating for everyone. How to come up with a topic when you have already exhausted it all? What should your niche be when there are already so many blogs on all subjects you can think of? Let’s try and answer these questions.

What to Blog About

How to Choose Your Blog Niche

It might seem logical to you to narrow all possible topics down to the one with the least competition. After all, less potential search results for a given keyword have to mean better odds for you to show up on the first result page. Wrong. A niche with next to no competition only means that there is no interest in it.

What you should look for is a topic with a lot of potential for success. That means, the bigger the competition, the better. But you shouldn’t just find the most popular subject and end your search there.

The most crucial factor to consider when you’re starting a blogging career is how interested you are in the topic. Select a subject you are at least mildly passionate about. Otherwise, the writing process won’t be enjoyable nor productive.

Ask yourself a few questions — what are your hobbies, what do you enjoy reading or watching, what subjects would you like to learn more about? Have a brainstorming session and come up with as many possible topics as you can.

Next, narrow down the list of options. In order to write meaningful content, you should have some level of knowledge on the topic. However, do not worry about being an expert. There are plenty of bloggers without expertise on their chosen subject. Believe in yourself and the value of your opinion, and with time, the knowledge will come.

Finally, make sure that your niche is a long-term one. There are many fleeting topics popular for a few blog posts that lose their appeal after a while. If you are planning to make a long-term commitment, try to think ahead of time. Which subjects have the potential to evolve and stick around?

9 Topics for a Successful Blog

If you need some quick blog topic ideas, give a thought to a few of these. Are there any you are passionate about?

Travel — Share tips, review destinations, accommodation, or write about your personal experiences in an engaging manner.

Personal Finance — Money blogging can be very lucrative. However, advise people on how to manage their income only if you possess enough knowledge.

Relationships — Everyone needs help when it comes to relationships at one point or another. Give romance advice, dating tips, or guidance regarding relationships among friends and family.

Website Building — Make good use of the knowledge you have gathered while creating your own website.

Celebrity Gossip — There are a lot of those who would like to forget about their problems for a moment and read about the lives of actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, or Internet personalities.

Learn a New Language — If you know multiple languages, you may want to help other people learn them too.

Fitness — Plenty of people wish to become or stay fit, but do not like going to the gym. If you are passionate about fitness, give them a variety of workout options and some nutritional tips.

Productivity — A lot of people need help to become productive, and that is unlikely to change. Provide various anti-procrastination tips, long-term strategies, and motivation.

Healthy Food Recipes — If you are enthusiastic about cooking, share some of your unique recipes with uninspired cooks. Nowadays, people are more than ever taking care of their diets. If you have some healthy recipes up your sleeve, or you are feeling innovative, create a vibrant cooking blog.

Movie/TV Show Reviews — The film industry keeps becoming more and more successful. New titles are coming out every week, and viewerships just keep growing. Blog about your favorite (or maybe the least favorite) films and shows, and you will always have something to post.

How to Choose a Topic When You Have Written It All

It can be very frustrating when you feel like you have nothing left to say. So it might be that you have considered branching out to cover more subjects. Having the option to write about multiple popular topics could mean never running out of post ideas. Still, you do not want to do this.

If you wish to build an audience of loyal followers, you will need a theme. The main part of all the visits to your website consists of recurring visitors. Make sure they know what to expect from you, and fans of your niche will keep coming back.

If you do not feel particularly inspired, do not hesitate to check out the competition. What do the most popular blogs write about? There is no harm in drawing inspiration from the ones you look up to, as long as you add your own flair to the post. Give your own perspective or a twist to the new trendy idea. There are a lot of those at all times, but try not to focus on other bloggers strictly.

Another practical tip is to break down the topic of your choice into smaller parts. That way, you will be able to blog longer, and your posts will answer more potential questions.

Have a Strategy

However, instead of reaching the frustrating writer’s block, you should work on preventing the exhaustion problem. Create a strategy, and you will never feel like you have covered all possible topics.

The crucial part of this strategy is knowing the aim of each of your posts. As long as you are writing with a goal in mind, no topic will seem dull. The main objective of every blog post should always be helping people. Each time you create a post, your goal should be to solve a problem.

How to learn what the current problems are?

Our suggestion is to go on social media and look for other fans of your niche. Most social networks offer an easy search for any word or phrase. Look up a few keywords to find what others are asking or talking about.

Remember, you should always be writing posts that other people need.


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