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If you have been online in the past decade, you might have noticed a burgeoning number of blogs popping up after every search. A mass of people make their living writing online content for various websites.

The job seems enjoyable, flexible, and most of all, lucrative. It is no wonder if you have decided to join in on the fun and start your own blog. But how can you start getting paid for all the blog posts you have written?

6 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

1. Affiliate Marketing

At the top of the list for all beginners is affiliate marketing. Join an affiliate program so you can promote products on your blog and get a commission for any successful sale. You can receive anywhere from 5% of the price for physical products, up to 100% for some digital sales.

You might take part in a big-brand program like Rakuten or join forces with a fellow blogger. Find out whether or not a company is offering an affiliate program by checking out its website.

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Now that you have decided on this method of monetization, you will need to determine what kinds of products to promote. Make sure anything you advertise is relevant to your niche. More importantly, if you do not believe in a product, you shouldn’t promote it. If you can’t recommend it, don’t put it on your website. Your blog’s reputation and reliability shouldn’t be compromised for any potential commission.

Always remember that you are in the service of your readers, not your advertisers.

If you are attempting to get more clicks, review the product you are promoting and add the affiliate link somewhere in your review. This way, you will probably make certain that the promotion is honest and relevant to your blog.

2. Build an Email List

In order to increase your blog’s readership, you will want to incorporate email marketing into your strategy. Create an email list and work on expanding it. You can do so by offering unique benefits and exclusive gifts to your subscribers.

How will this increase your revenue? Ultimately, this is a way to successfully monetize your website as all your loyal readers will be promptly notified when you have a new product or service to sell. This way, you also build trust and long term connections with your readers. These are invaluable in the blogging world.

3. Google AdSense

Another simple way to monetize your website is by using ads like Google AdSense. This method is fast and straightforward — just display advertisements on your website. Unlike with affiliate programs, you do not get to choose what kind of products will be promoted on your blog.

The money will come either through impressions or through clicks.

For every 1000 views, you will receive a certain amount of dollars.

For every click on an ad, you may get anywhere from a cent up to a couple of dollars.

Do not consider clicking on your own ads since Google might penalize you for such behavior.Blog Ads Money

Keep in mind that this method of monetization should be reserved for blogs with at least a 1000 daily visitors. Otherwise, the ads will not yield an income, and they might distract the new readers. Therefore, this way should not be the first one you try.

4. Freelance Writing

If you consider yourself a great writer, why not try selling your services to already established websites? For all productive writers just starting their blogging careers, freelance work can indeed pay off.

All respectable online businesses need large amounts of great content. If you believe you can provide that, start applying for jobs as a freelance blogger.

Find the favorite blogs from your niche, start gaining experience, and earn some money. Freelance writers are in high demand, so you shouldn’t wait long to find work. Work up to the average hourly rates for your kind of writing, but do not undersell yourself from the get-go. Serious employers will discard you, and you might lose motivation if you set too low of a wage.

Go to sites like Upwork, Aquent, or Simply Hired to begin gaining money from your blogging.

5. Sponsored Posts and Paid Reviews

If you follow any celebrities on social media, chances are you have seen one of these before — sponsored posts.

If you want to get an opportunity like this, you will need to have a sizeable audience first. Once you have managed to do that, chances are that a business will contact you with an offer. Many companies will sponsor your content in exchange for a link to their website.

Make sure you trust the business you are promoting and disclose the sponsorship to your audience.

Similarly, a company might ask for a paid review. If you decide to accept the offer, there will be an expectation to post an honest review of a product (or a service) on your blog.

These are effective ways to receive revenue from your website. However, hard work will be necessary for all who want to reach the point where they might use them.

6. eBooks and Other Products

One of the most popular methods to earn money online is by selling various digital products. Since bloggers tend to enjoy writing, you might want to look into expanding your format and writing an eBook.

The main advantage of an eBook over a blog is its convenience. Make a compilation of your best blog posts and sell them digitally as a book. However, you should add some new content, so that the readers do not feel cheated.

Once you have your eBook ready for sale, you can self-publish it. There are a couple of simple ways to do this — either directly from your blog, or through a major company like Amazon, Podia, or Gumroad.

You do not have to stop here. There is an option to sell various kinds of products through your website. If you wish, you can provide an e-store on your blog and sell different physical products or services. Create content relevant to your niche and offer it to your loyal readers for a set price.

For example, you might provide an exclusive course where you share your expertise on a subject. Or, you can offer a special consulting session to the subscribers who trust your authority. If you have a respectable website, there will inevitably be those who wish to speak to you and gain more knowledge about their favorite topic.

Final Advice

If you have just started working on your blog, a lot of these methods may seem unreachable.  How can you get anyone to sponsor you when the visits to your website are so few? Our suggestion would be not to worry about it. Focus on your content and forget about the revenue for now. It could take up to a year for a blog to get off the ground, so be patient.

Remember that all your energy should go into making sure the posts you are writing are the best they can be. No content marketing strategy will work half as well as great content.

Once you start putting out worthwhile posts, people will come as well. And along with people, the money will follow.


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