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Before we get into the details and helpful tips, let’s make one thing clear — the primary focus of your marketing strategy should always be your content. All great blogs, regardless of promotional tactics they use, know to prioritize their readers above anything else.

Remember that you are writing posts which people will want to read and share. So make certain that what you are offering is of the highest quality and don’t overwhelm with ads and promotions. No marketing methods will be useful if your content isn’t.

1. Know the Aim of Your Blog

When you have a clear purpose in mind, it will be easier to create and reach your target audience. Your posts should have a specific aim — are you trying to solve a problem, offer information, or instigate a conversation? If you know who you’re writing for and why, it will be easier for your content to be found.

2. Use Social Networks

Make it possible for your readers to share your blog posts. Add a “Share” button and multiple popular options, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+. If you make it easy for people to share your articles, chances are, they will do so. Just be careful not to offer too many social media options. Research has shown that this tends to put readers off from sharing.

3. Learn SEO Strategies

SEO optimization tools

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you know some of its fundamentals, it should not be too hard to create SEO-friendly posts. More than half of the visits you will get will come through search engines. So make sure to use keywords in your title, as well as the body of your article so that it can show up as one of the search results for that keyword.

4. Use Appropriate Language

Whenever you are writing a post, have your target audience in mind and no one else. You don’t want to sound too formal or ingenuine. Use accessible vocabulary and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine. Make jokes and share your own experiences. This will help you create connections, build trust, and a loyal community.

5. Engage With Your Audience

Do not hesitate to participate in conversations. Leave your comment section open and answer your readers. But beware — some of the feedback may be negative, but don’t let that deter you from engaging with your readers. Additionally, you should create an email list and respond to your subscribers’ inquiries. They should see you as an approachable fellow human, and you will need to put in the effort to make that happen.

6. Stay Relevant

If you are writing about current events, do not wait to perfect your text before you publish it. Certain topics lose their appeal after a while, and you will want to put out content while the subject is still hot.

7. Be Consistent

Before you start posting, create a schedule. Your readers will want to know when to expect a new blog post, so don’t keep them waiting. However, you should prioritize quality over quantity, even if that means you won’t be posting every day or every week.

8. Have a Good Title

Most online readers read the title of an article, but not the content itself. A compelling title can significantly impact the number of views your post gets. All successful blogs have multiple ideas for a single title and experiment to see which one attracts the highest number of people. If you have written a piece of high-quality content, but the clicks are not what you have hoped for, try changing the title. The increase might be substantial.

Blog Title in WordPress

9. Length of the Text

Research has shown that certain articles do better than others when it comes to their length. Texts longer than 2,000 words perform better than those which are shorter. However, you don’t want your writing to be too long. If you are losing interest while rereading your own blog post, chances are others will too.

10. Use Various Forms of Media

If you make your articles visually stimulating, your readers will have an easier time staying interested. Add videos, pictures, or graphs to keep the visitors of your blog engaged.

11. Post on Weekdays

This is when people are looking for a distraction, so take advantage of that and post your articles Monday through Friday. During the weekend, your readers are less likely to spend time online.

12. Make Connections With Other Bloggers

As in every industry, networking is vital in the blogging world too. Help other bloggers by promoting their work in your articles or by commenting on their blog posts. They are likely to promote you back or buy your products. Moreover, you might attempt guest blogging too. Write an article for someone else’s blog and add a link to your own website. Try to do so for websites that are more popular than your own, and you may grow your blog. In order to get in touch with other writers from your niche, I suggest joining Facebook Groups.

13. Create Expert Roundups

To increase an article’s reach, you can ask several experts in a field to answer a couple of questions for your readers. Make a compilation of their answers and post it on your blog. There is a good chance they will share the article with their own audiences and drive traffic to your website.

14. Repurpose Your Blog Posts

Your articles can be a source for other types of content. Create Facebook statuses, Tweets, or Instagram captions based on your longer piece. Do not forget to use relevant hashtags in order to reach the target audience. If you are lucky, your hashtags might get to the trending page and give even more exposure to your content.

15. Know Your Analytics

Take care to follow the statistics of your blog — which posts had the best reach, where did the visitors come from, what led to most purchases, etc. Make use of these metrics to adjust your strategies.

16. Repost Your Old Blog Posts

You might believe that once you have written and posted an article, your job regarding it is done. The truth is, you will have to put in work if you want to see it reach its full potential.

For example, on Twitter, only a tiny percentage of your followers will engage with a post after it first appears. Therefore, you will need to promote your piece of content multiple times. Some big websites remind their followers of old posts as often as a dozen times a month.

17. Be Unique

It might be tempting to copy your favorite blogger, their style, or ideas. After all, they are already successful, so they must be doing something right. What they did right was finding their own voice. The audience doesn’t need two of them, so aspire to be your own blogger. So don’t be afraid to try something new and original even if it doesn’t seem to work at first. It might take time to develop your unique voice, but that’s a surefire way to success.


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